The conference is now over, and a wonderful time was had by all!

This website however will remain, and we will be putting up a lot of contributions from participants during August - articles from workshop presenters and poster presenters, interest group reports, announcements from the Global Forum at the end, and more summaries of the state of Focusing in different countries around the world. There is also a short report about the organising of the conference, which might be useful to anyone thinking of organising the next conference

A Flavour of Workshops Presented at the International Focusing Conference, Cambridge, UK, July 2016 from the International Focusing Institute Membership Committee
These first sessions see Mary Jennings, who serves on the membership committee, talk to some of the facilitators whose workshops she attended at the conference.

Thank you for all your feedback! and here are a few things you said…

“this brilliant conference -it was magic”

“the past four days have been really something quite incredible”

“what an utterly fantastic conference! I too am deeply grateful - I had a glorious time”

“a really amazing conference - everything from the glorious music at King's to the pantomime horse”

“I’m still digesting all the many riches of the conference… the joy of being in that very special Focusing atmosphere where everyone is open to themselves and each other”

“a totally wonderful experience for me; so rich and rewarding with treasured moments, deep, and lightly touched connections”

“such a warm and welcoming environment which has helped me to make some very precious connections”

“what a wonderfully enriching, heartfelt, delightful experience the conference was”

“a great experience - rewarding, varied, exhausting, exhilarating - well planned, FUN”

“the presentations have been excellent, I have enjoyed each one I attended - my only complaint is that I could not attend all of them”

“I can't stop saying THANK YOU for this wonderful, exciting, inspiring, funny, interesting conference with such a pleasant and varied programme, that's just breathtaking!”

“everything about it was splendid – the organisation was so clear, the food was great, the activities and entertainment superb, the help desk was so... well... helpful J - and of course there was Focusing and that says it all”

“one of the most enjoyable and well-organised conferences in memory! I returned home feeling very enriched and more deeply connected to our Focusing community”

“one of the best ‘events’ that I’ve ever been to! I was surprised how much love was generated at the conference… in short, a life changing experience for me!”

“of all the conferences I've ever been to… it was, I think, the very best, with so many elements combining to make it perfect”

“this was the best conference ever, huge thanks!”

“thank you for what has been my best conference (of any kind) ever”

“the best memory in my Focusing life!”

“un moment hors du temps pour goûter l’essence du focusing”

and a final word from her majesty the Queen…

“Thank you for a truly majestic conference. One is really rather satisfied.”

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The organisers

The British Focusing Association hosted the conference, and the organising committee included Kay Hoffmann, Manjudeva, Elizabeth English (Locana), Maymay Knight and Peter Afford. Jerry Conway also contributed.
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The British Focusing Association hosted the
27th International Focusing Conference 2016, Great Britain
Robinson College, Cambridge