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Friday morning 11am
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Focusing oriented Relationships Annat Gal on Workshop Auditorium Lounge
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As Focusers, we know how to listen inward, as well as to our Focusing partners and clients, to be Self-in-Presence with them. But what happens to us at home? What happens with those that we love, depend on, worry about? How can we enable ourselves the beneficial interaction that Focusing has to offer with our life-partners, children, parents? We will be familiarizing with HomeFocusing, relationship-oriented Focusing which enables Focusing-oriented relationships, and exploring our own relationships.
Annat Gal on Biography
Focusing trainer (coordinator in training) for adults and children, and a Family Constellations facilitator. Dreaming, developing, writing, studying, teaching and living HomeFocusing – Focusing in close relationships and everyday life. Raising a family, a practice in Focusing processes for individuals and couples, HomeFocusing courses, Focusing relationship workshops, family constellations sessions.
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Focusing and self – realisation: Working With Wishes Ciriaco Uriarte Ayo Workshop Teaching room B
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Throughout our professional life each one of us has developed many capacities. However, there is a great amount of potential that hasn’t manifested yet. These implicit capacities are pushing from the inside, looking for a way to become explicit, and this energy often manifests in the form of wishes. In this workshop, we will experience a way of applying Focusing so that this energy becomes effective in achieving our professional goals.
Ciriaco Uriarte Ayo Biography
Ciriaco is a Spanish Focusing trainer and FOP (TFI). His first degree was Engineering, he then worked as a Mathematics teacher, specializing in Pedagogy. In 1991, he finished a degree in Psychology started working as a Counsellor in Secondary schools. He is also a certified integrative psychotherapist (IIPA).
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Focusing and Touch Gordon Adam Workshop Games Room
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This workshop will be an invitation and opportunity to discuss and experience the inclusion of physical touch as an integral part of a Focusing session. As well as some work with a partner, we will look at issues such as - when is touch appropriate, how to touch or hold, 'energetic touch'. We will also look at the benefits and differences that touch brings to Focusing experience.
Gordon Adam Biography
Gordon Adam lives in Bristol where he has run an open monthly Focusing group for the last 8 years. He also leads 5-day Focusing Retreats in Devon and the Southwest. Gordon has a particular interest in enhancing presence in Focusing by including support from the environment, which can involve physical contact with the companion.
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The Creativity of the Moment Hanspeter Muehlethaler Workshop Teaching Room A
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From Focusing we know how our body interacts with its environment. With playful exercises from Focusing and TAE we explore pieces of art affecting our body. If we turn our attention to the resonance in us, evoked by pictures, texts or music, we can find fascinating aspects of the works and detect new meanings about ourselves. An insight to our inner richness, a starting point towards creativity.
Hanspeter Muehlethaler Biography
Hanspeter Mühlethaler, Ph.D. in Physics, Certified Focusing Professional TFI. His interests are mainly the philosophical practices based on Focusing and Gendlins Philosophy. He trains Thinking at the Edge (TAE) and Focusing in combination with mountain-hiking. From Focusing he learned a new approach to art and music.
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Contacting and supporting your inner child Dr. Sybille Ebert-Wittich
Stefan Ebert
Workshop Music Room
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A key feature of our inner child work is to support the person’s ability to sense both the child’s feelings (such as anxiety or shame), and the adult self’s empathic and caring movement toward the child. We would like to offer three structured exercises, that include both imagination and movement, which will enable you to contact your inner child safely, and support it. These practical tools can be applied in Focusing on your own, in partnerships and in psychotherapy.
Dr. Sybille Ebert-Wittich Biography
Sybille is working in Boppard, Germany as clinical psychotherapist, supervisor and Focusing coordinator. She teaches Focusing to facilitate professional and personal growth since more that 20 years and combines it with systemic methods, body-centered mindfullness, dream work and creativity f.i. therapeutic dance, and she is just starting exhibitions as a painter. Stefan Ebert Biography
Stefan is a Focusing trainer, a systemic coach and a SingerSongwriter from Mannheim, Germany.
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Focusing and Mindfulness: A happy Marriage? Simon McKibbin "k2" Workshop Seminar Room
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What is the relationship between both practices? How do they fit together? Can they merge as a whole practice or are they they mutually exclusive? This is an experiential exploration of the relationship between both of the Focusing and Mindfulness disciplines with a strong interactive and open element. There will be space to share your experience and contribute so that we can sense into what the possibilities hold for our own evolution.
Simon McKibbin "k2" Biography
I have been focusing and practising mindfulness for over 20 years, and have been teaching both independently for many years. I am based in Cambridge and live with my dog and two cats!
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Evaluating the success of Focusing in Gaza Jerry Conway
Mary Jennings
Mohamed Altawil
Ghada Radwan
Presentation Linnett Room
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The Palestine Trauma Centre (PTC) has been teaching Community Wellness Focusing in Gaza since 2009. This workshop will include input on why Focusing and the 12 session programme is so successful in Gaza, and a short film. We will also present the pre- and post-assessment model and how this demonstrates the impact of Focusing in reducing post traumatic stress disorder. We will have a Skype call with Ghada, the project manager, in Gaza if possible. And there will be an opportunity to try one of the exercises used in Gaza.
Jerry Conway Biography
Jerry worked with Pat and Nina Joy on the development of Focusing in Afghanistan in 2005. He has been working with the PTC since 2009 supporting Palestinian colleagues in the UK and Gaza. He visited Gaza in 2011 and 2013 to train workers and volunteers. Mary Jennings Biography
Mary has been organising Focusing events in Ireland for some years. She has been working with the PTC supporting the development of Focusing in Gaza, and visited Gaza to train workers there in 2011 and 2013. Mary is a trustee of the board of the Focusing Institute. Mohamed Altawil Biography
Mohamed is a psychologist and Focusing trainer from Gaza, currently living in the UK. He set up PTC in Gaza in 2007, and is the driving force behind PTC–UK, a British Charity to support PTC in Gaza. His doctorate was on the incidence of PTSD on children in Gaza. Ghada Radwan Biography
Ghada is the co-ordinator for the Focusing Project in Gaza for PTC. She is studying for a masters in educational psychology. She has attended a number of Focusing courses, she has been training volunteers at PTC in Focusing and she helped to develop the first Arabic Focusing training manual.
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The gift of focusing for a childpsychotherapist Joke Van Hoeck Workshop Garden Room
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You can’t “teach” children focusing the way you could with adults in a focusing workshop. Furthermore, children usually don’t choose for individual psychotherapy. I would like to present to you the most important things that focusing offered me as a childpsychotherapist. I will show you how focusing helped me to be there for the child. Secondly, what I do to support the child’s process of finding its own way of being with its inner experience.
Joke Van Hoeck Biography
Joke (pronounced ‘yoka’) is a childpsychologist, an experiential childpsychotherapist and focusing trainer. She works with children age 2,5 till 12, offering individual therapy or parents counseling. She is specialized in working with fear, depression, divorce. Every year she offers different workshops in focusing, focusing with children and focusing and parenting.
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Exploring the Relational field of the Wholebody heartfelt conversation: Karen Whalen
Lara Peumans
YongWei Xu
Chris Sherringham
Workshop Junior Common Room (JCR)
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Karen, Lara, YongWei and Chris will offer a demonstration of how we can more fully and genuinely meet each other from an embodied experience of Wholeness of Self. Whole body Listening, Resonance and Attunement will be practised and observed inside of this relational Wholebody Focusing space. The presenters will explore what gets in the way of establishing a genuine living body to living body connection with another person, and also what might support such a meeting and genuine heartfelt connection. A much larger inter-relational space of WE HERE seems to take on a life of its own, directing and guiding our WEing co-emergence, in surprising and refreshing ways. Participants will discuss this relational model and discuss its relevance to Gendlin’s Process Model. Participants will then practise it for themselves.
Karen Whalen Biography
Karen Whalen, Ph.D, is a clinical psychotherapist in private practise in Canada specializing in trauma and complex trauma. She teaches and offers supervision in Relational Wholebody Focusing and Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy worldwide. Lara Peumans Biography
Master in Applied Linguistics/Master in International Politics, is a certified focusing trainer of The Focusing Institute in New York. She was influenced by Ann Weiser Cornell in order to start teaching Innerrelationship Focusing. Since 2013 she integrates ‘heartfelt communication’ in her teaching (Karen Whalen). She is following the Advanced Wholebody Focusing Certification Program with Karen Whalen & Katrijn Van Loock. She is working in a marketing environment of a financial company. YongWei Xu Biography
YongWei Xu: (Bachelor of Arts, Focusing Oriented Therapist) is a psychotherapist in private practice in China. She practices Focusing Oriented Therapy and has extensive experience of Focusing practices, most recently in Relational Wholebody Focusing. Chris Sherringham Biography
Christine Sherringham started her journey with Focusing in 2002 and participated in her first Wholebody Focusing workshop in 2003. She is a certified Focusing Trainer with the Focusing Institute and a member of the British Focusing Association. As a Rosen Method Practitioner she is particularly interested in exploring Relational Wholebody Focusing and its resonance with supporting body work practices.
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Presence in Motion: Tango & Focusing Lucinda Hayden Workshop Dining Hall
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Learn to stay centered within yourself while connecting with another. Discover how Self-in-Presence can grow with each step you take. We'll be using Argentine tango as a vehicle for Presence in Motion but you don't need a partner and you DON'T need to already know how to dance to participate. Please wear shoes that will stay on your feet and slide on the floor (not rubber soles with tread) Socks will be fine.
Lucinda Hayden Biography
By creating 'Presence in Motion,' Lucinda is excited about bringing the embodied component to Inner Relationship Focusing. Before joining Ann Weiser Cornell at Focusing Resources in 2006 to teach Levels 1&2, Lucinda taught yoga and Pilates for 10 years in addition to her private practice in Focusing.
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Clearing a Space, defusion, creating distance, the meaning of 'space' (in the Process Model) and the ongoing significance of just part of the Focusing process... Martin Langsdon Presentation Teaching Room 5
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This presentation will explore the meaning and practice of clearing a space in focusing and will seek to understand that practice within the context of Gene's philosophy. I will seek to explore parallels between clearing a space and defusion in third wave CBT. This exploration should lead into a renewed practice and a liberated understanding.
Martin Langsdon Biography
I am a lecturer in Counselling (Focusing) at the University of East Anglia. I am a Focusing Co-ordinator and teach a Post-graduate Certificate in Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy each year. I currently practice as a young people's Counsellor and a supervisor in private practice.
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The Transformative Power of the Background Feeling in Focusing Marine de Fréminville Workshop Teaching Room 7
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Exploring what Gendlin calls the Background Feeling in Focusing, might give access to old implicit connections and lead to some transformative and alleviating possibilities. This theoretical and experiential workshop will invite participants to identify and pay attention to their Background Feeling; opening a special door giving access to what is implicitly there in us: our true nature. They will discover an innovative way of working with this theme and explore further development.
Marine de Fréminville Biography
Marine de Fréminville is a clinical Psychologist in Montreal, a Certifying Coordinator of the Focusing Institute, teaching and presenting Focusing since 30 years in various places Canada, Europe, Ecuador, Japan and Mexico. She uses FOT with Complex Trauma. See her article on Background Feeling topic in Tribute FOLIO 2008.
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Creating Containers of Safety for Connection and Growth Mary Elaine Kiener Workshop Teaching Room 4
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Please join in as we gather our individual and collective embodied wisdom to Honor, Open and Welcome “how” we (as Focusers) can co-create containers of safety within the communities in which we live and work. This interactive workshop will draw on the teaching wisdom of Bebe Simon and Janet Klein, while using the framework of Suzanne Noel’s H.O.W. Model as we explore the “learning edges” of our continually unfolding lives.
Mary Elaine Kiener Biography
Mary Elaine Kiener, RN, PhD, Creative Energy Officer (CEO), ASK ME House LLC, helps caring individuals re-discover their sense of wellbeing, even in the midst of stress and chaos. As her life continually brings opportunities for growth and change, she has become her “best, worst and longest-term” client!
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How to Squeeze in Joy Paula Nowick Workshop Teaching Room 6
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If you’re wondering how you could EASILY add more fun, comfort, and wonder into the rest of your life, come join us in a high-spirited participatory workshop that teaches three mind-full (or, depending on your mind, mind-less) ways to discover hidden moments of joy and then to learn how to squeeze them into your day. These many brief moments of joy not only add up to brighter moods but to a rewired brain that
Paula Nowick Biography
A former adjunct professor of creative thinking in the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Paula has researched the serious role of play and laughter in healthy emotional and intellectual development and will share with you her findings on how to EASILY add joy to your life.
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