pop ups groups on Friday afternoon

from 2.30 to 4pm

Teaching Focusing by Instancing - Bruce Gibbs: Teaching Room 4

Sharing experiences of Focusing, philosophy of the implicit and ‘academia’
Ram Eisenberg & Donata Schoeller: Garden Room

Cross-lingual Focusing Partnership - Robert Lee: Auditorium Lounge

Gene Gendlin DVD clips - Nada Lou: Linnett Room

Family constellation group session - Annat Gal-on: Music Room

KOL-BE: a transformative human image for Focusing and self-healing - Atsmaout Perlstein: Teaching Room A

Focusing & the 12 steps of AA & other 12 step fellowships - Harriet Brown: Teaching Room B

Using non-violent communication as a doorway to Focusing - Beatrice Blake: Teaching Room 6

European Focusing-oriented coaching - Hejo Feuerstein & Aukje Strandstra: Seminar Room

from 4.30 to 6pm

Shared field - Bruce Gibbs, Hanspeter Muehlethaler, Sandy Gee, Serge Prengel & Karen Whalen: Garden Room

Open forum with the leadership team of the International Focusing Institute - Catherine Torpey, the Board & the International Leadership Council: Linnett Room
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