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Saturday afternoon 2.30pm
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Focusing with the Whole Body (FWB): Part I: From Grounding into Being Here to Relational Embodiment – Embodied Dialogue Part II: How can this be a spiritual practice/exploration? Astrid Schillings Workshop Music Room
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Part I This workshop wants to invite a sense of the direct, radical quality of Focusing with the Whole Body. The key FWB-fundamentals will be introduced: Specific ways of “Grounding into Being Here”, “The embodied Pause,” “All Life is Living from Itself – All life is inter-action”. In this presentation we can only taste some fundamentals, so what is meant by Relational Embodiment/Embodied Dialogue in FWB can be glimpsed. In dynamic modes of awareness, we can sense “how we are environment for each other”, grounded in the larger system. We may carry forward stoppages of living process, wounds and patterns of suffering on different dimensions of human existence. References to Gendlin`s Philosophy will be given. Part II How can this be a spiritual practice? By shifting the axis of our embodied awareness and intention another kind of process can emerge. The existential edge of life, “a spiritual sense” may open. All the ingredients of Focusing with the Whole Body we know from psycho-social contexts are still valid but slightly different…
Astrid Schillings Biography
Astrid met Focusing in 1981, when studying to become a Person-Centred Clin.Psychologist/Psychotherapist. She has been exploring and teaching extensively in the field of Sensitive Body-Awareness (Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Qi Gong, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais) and Inter-active Focusing. She gives trainings internationally and Supervision in FWB-Relational Embodiment for professionals, therapists and everybody interested. She has been in ongoing conversation with Gene Gendlin on his extended understanding of the living body.
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KOL-BE: A Transformative Human Image for Focusing and Self Healing Dr. Atsmaout Perlstein Workshop Garden Room
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Kol-Be is a simle yet powerful human image that is a reflective mirror to our non verbal experiences. It acts as a bridge that carrys forward the implicit into an explicit visual information. It is used for self healing and as a tool in individual, couples and family therapy. Kol-Be facilitates muli shifts while in process, offers self empathy and new perspectives for solutions. Cases will be presented along with instructional booklet.
Dr. Atsmaout Perlstein Biography
Dr. Atsmaout Perlstein is a focusing coordinator that introduced focusing in Israel in 2000 and certified six teachers. She is a FOT clinical psychologist for family, couples and individual therapy specialized in trauma work for the past 30 years. Teaches and lectures Focusing in Israel and around the world.
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How Focusing Can Help Us Carry Relationship Forward: Focusing as a Relational Skill: Charlotte Howorth Workshop Linnett Room
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Focusing can open us to a dimension of empathy not only for the individual but for the ‘us’ of a relationship. We will explore finding a felts sense of the interaction itself, as well as of ourselves, and the other. We will work with how focusing can empower us to create a judgment free zone, cultivating a deeper curiosity, and using expressive relating in order to carry conflictual, awkward, and stuck relationships forward.
Charlotte Howorth Biography
Charlotte teaches a two year certification courses in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy and Guiding for TFI in-person and on-line, as well as a 2-year training program in Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy for The Experiential Psychotherapy Project. Charlotte has private psychotherapy practice including couples and groups and is clinical consultant.
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Focusing as Spiritual Practice David Rome Workshop Chapel
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Is Focusing a spiritual practice? Not necessarily, but it certainly can be. We will look at how spiritually-oriented Focusing differs from, or goes beyond, Focusing as a psycho-social technique, and how subtle shifts in intention and process during Focusing can orient us to more transpersonal dimensions of life.
David Rome Biography
David Rome is the developer of Mindful Focusing, an integration of Focusing and Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices. He is the author of Your Body Knows the Answer; Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, and Liberate Creativity. David currently serves as President of the board of the Focusing Institute.
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Presencing Serious Client Conditions-Using Touch and Focusing Jack Blackburn
Koito Kusunoki
Presentation Auditorium Lounge
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We will combine touch with Focusing in order to create at state of mutual presencing between practitioner and client. The specific topics and exercises will entail working with client injuries and serious illnesses including end-of-life situations; exchange of touch and verbal interaction, combining client proprioception and practitioner palpation producing symptom reduction; benefits of using mutual presencing to reduce client fear and pain; we will introduce the signs of presencing, client intrinsic self, and the mandorla.
Jack Blackburn Biography
Jack Blackburn, LMP, MTS-SD: Jack is a teacher and practitioner of professional bodywork for 30 years and a spiritual director for 20 years. He teaches continuing education for bodyworkers in the USA and Japan. Jack has taught Focusing since 2006 and has published 3 body-centered articles in the Folio. Koito Kusunoki Biography
Koito Kusunoki, works as a professional clairvoyant in Japan and has worked with Jack Blackburn as an interpreter and co-teacher for 7 years. She is very familiar with touch therapies, verbal interaction, and the signs and gifts of presencing. Koito’s involvement in this presentation will allow Japanese visitors to participate.
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Words to encourage deeper experiencing in clients - "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep" (Shakespeare) Janet Beggs Workshop Teaching Room 6
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We know that deeper experiencing levels correlate with therapeutic change. We can draw upon the Experiencing Scale to design responses to clients that promote the client's implicit knowing. I provide a document of statements, suggestions, and questions that psychotherapists might use at each level to encourage deeper experiencing. We’ll discuss these ideas, and your own, on how psychotherapists might interact with their clients in order to deepen their experiencing.
Janet Beggs Biography
Janet Beggs has been focusing for 16 years and a trainer for 11 years. She works as a counsellor at North Island College on the west coast of Canada. Janet has relished the past two international conferences and is especially glad to present here in the country of her birth.
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Exploring the relational field of the wholebody heartfelt conversation Lara Peumans
Karen Whalen
Li Ming
YongWei Xu
Workshop Junior Common Room (JCR)
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The Wholebody Heartfelt Conversation Process offers a safe structure for each to discover freshly the field of aliveness and co-emergence inside of the space between Focuser and Listener. The five co-presenters will offer two unique demonstrations of this dynamic relational Wholebody Focusing space of WE HERE, one in dyads and one inside the group as a whole.
Lara Peumans Biography
Lara Peumans, Master in Applied Linguistics/Master in International Politics, is a certified focusing trainer of The Focusing Institute in New York. Since 2013 she integrates ‘heartfelt communication’ in her teaching (Karen Whalen). She is working in a marketing environment of a financial company. Karen Whalen Biography
Karen Whalen, Ph.D, is a clinical psychotherapist in private practise in Canada specializing in trauma and complex trauma. She teaches and offers supervision in Relational Wholebody Focusing and Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy worldwide. Li Ming Biography
Li Ming: Master in economics, Focusing Trainer , Wholebody Focusing orientated Therapist, and received mindfulness training for many years. Li Ming offers Wholebody Focusing and Mindfulness training from his practice in China. YongWei Xu Biography
YongWei Xu: (Bachelor of Arts, Focusing Oriented Therapist) is a psychotherapist in private practice in China. She practices Focusing Oriented Therapy and has extensive experience of Focusing practices, most recently in Relational Wholebody Focusing.
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“sometimes I am alive because…” (ee cummings) : Poetry and Focusing Lesley Miles Workshop Seminar Room
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Poetry as richly layered language offers powerful ways of entry into the felt sense. Using different kinds of poetry—funny, inspirational, shocking--to evoke FS responses, we’ll move from group experience into partner work. There will be space for written expression as arising from earlier felt-sensing. I am also interested in the application of this modality to focusing-oriented psychotherapy and hope there will be time for this discussion. Playfulness is the wellspring of this workshop.
Lesley Miles Biography
I am a clinical psychologist and focusing-oriented therapist in Cape Town, working from a self-and- relational perspective. I’m one of small, passionate group of FOTs in Cape Town. I live with my daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Bliss is swimming in the ocean and walking on the mountain. And I write poetry!
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Focusing for symbols + Lab of holistic poetry Maria Emanuela Galanti Workshop Teaching room B
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Focusing for symbols (1 hour) is a 4-step Focusing process that stresses the importance of symbols. They are regarded as shaped felt-sense becoming available for further development. Workshop participants will be asked to focus in pairs following the steps: 1. Emerging of felt sense 2. Symbolizing 3. Resonating 4. Decision-making. Lab of holistic poetry (2 hours) combines Focusing and the automatic writing of surrealist poets to give participants the occasion to shape their own poetry.
Maria Emanuela Galanti Biography
Meg (acronym of Maria Emanuela Galanti) is Focusing Trainer since 2014 and based in Rome, Italy. She has spent 20 years of her life abroad. She holds a Laurea Degree in Philosophy and one in Psychology as well as a MA from SUNY/Buffalo (USA).
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Fields of Changing the Unchangeable Robert L Lee, PhD, Certifying Coordinator, Psychologist Workshop Teaching Room 7
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Macros: things which seem unchangeable where focusing needs development to have success. I will lead you through a macroshifting blitz--75% independent work. 25% in triads. With A Macro Theme/Field Like: *Loved-one (when you have a loved one with a big dilemma) *Couple *Professional Development *Tender Gender Cancer (Breast or Prostate Cancer) *Exhaustion Disease (Lupus, Crohn’s, Lyme’s, MS) *Social-Community *Depression-Anxiety *Trauma *Resentment *Integrity *Spirituality *Social Change *Making Peace with a time in your life *_____???
Robert L Lee, PhD, Certifying Coordinator, Psychologist Biography
Lee: *Created Macro-shifting and Domain-Focusing (Macro-DF) *Offers Yearlong Training crossing individual, group work and DF partnership toward MUCH LOWER COST GROWTH *Leads Focusing training at all levels *Led 7 Advanced Certification Weeklongs *Developed Focusing in Costa Rica *Major player in developing Focusing in NYC *Mentors: Satir, M.Cohen, Moustakas, Gendlin
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How Gendlin's philosophy can transform your focusing practice – and your life Rob Parker Presentation Umney Lecture Theatre
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In this experiential presentation we will explore the inherent relationship between focusing and Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit. We will learn how Gendlin's philosophy emerged from and addresses some of the deepest problems of our modern world, and how we can use this philosophy, not as a dogma, but as an ongoing practice to continually expand and deepen our experience of ourselves and the world.
Rob Parker Biography
Rob Parker PhD is a psychologist in private practice. He has been studying the Philosophy of the Implicit with Gene Gendlin since 2003 and teaching webinars on Gene's philosophy since 2009. For several years he has been using the philosophy as a spiritual discipline in conjunction with zazen meditation.
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Reading the map of reality Sally Tadmor Workshop Teaching Room 4
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In business, in relationships, in any project: Are we in sync with what is going on around us? Are we realising in what ways things are changing? There is some implying in us, and also in reality. In others. In the world. Use Focusing to listen to yourself and also to reality. To be flexible, creative and powerful. Untaught in any of my previous courses :-)
Sally Tadmor Biography
Business coach and life coach for 18 year. Focusing Coordinator-in-training. Teaching online and internationally. My passion is bringing accomplishment and success to the wonderful world of Focusing and Focusers.
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Sunflower Mind Serge Prengel Workshop Teaching Room A
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What is going on in the mind of the sunflower as it moves with the sun? Not much, if we think of mind in the conventional way. And yet, the sunflower moves and responds. In this experiential workshop, we’ll explore our Sunflower Mind: How the body itself wants to move to respond to the environment. How to experience the felt sense as implicit movement. As we let the implicit unfold, meaning and life-forward movement emerge.
Serge Prengel Biography
Serge Prengel, LMHC is in private practice in New York City. He is certified in Focusing, Somatic Experiencing and Core Energetics. Much of his energy is devoted to LifeSherpa, a nonprofit that explores spirit and mindfulness as creative interaction with life. Many of the people involved in LifeSherpa are Focusers.
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Improvising and Focusing: Carring forward the stories on stage and in live Tobias von Schulthess Workshop Games Room
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Improvised acting is applied focusing. One scene drops out of the next without a script. Improvised actors know how to carry forward a story on stage. You will experience, how to develop and cultivate focusing through improvised acting. We will explore the unfolding of a story by the awareness and creative interaction with room, rhythm, sound, body and our im-agination. This experience opens a new perspective on focusing and our every day life.
Tobias von Schulthess Biography
Tobias von Schulthess is a cert. Playback Theatre Practitioner and Trainer, Mediator and Focusing-Trainer and founder and director of the Playback-Theatre St. Gallen, Switzerland. He uses and explores the art of improvisation as a creative, challenging and playful practice to deal with our complex and unpredictable live.
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