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Organic Focusing:crossing Community Wellness & Children Focusing Heidrun Essler
Nina Joy Lawrence
Workshop Music Room
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Playful adventures in listening and body sensing will help us experience Focusing as a natural process. This workshop will be tailored to each person learning what will help in their own life surroundings. We will discover how to share Focusing experiences with non-Focusers in ways they can easily grasp. We will learn methods of including Focusing in what we do so that people can pick it up right where we are, in our families, work places, social circles, and communities.
Heidrun Essler Biography
An academic speech therapist, lecturer on body language and communication at Karlsruhe University, Heidrun is also a Focusing Coordinator for adults and children. She has developed methods of teaching Focusing that can spread in whole systems. Participants enjoy her sprightly activities and the beautiful, creative atmosphere she brings to workshops. Nina Joy Lawrence Biography
Nina Joy is a Certifying Coordinator whose main delight is in Community Wellness Focusing. She is interested in making Focusing accessible so the skills and attitudes can easily go home and into the daily life of the new learner from the first day onward, and spread out into the community. Participants enjoy experiencing Nina practicing what she is teaching.
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To explore Body - Environment through WBF Chen Ein-Habar Workshop Teaching Room 4
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"We are not calling it "environment" because it is all around, but because it participates within the life process". In the Process Model Gendlin sets a new definitions to the concepts body & environment. In this workshop we will explore the new meanings of those through the practice of Whole Body Focusing. We will feel through our experience how "each is a part of a larger organization which includes the other".
Chen Ein-Habar Biography
Focusing trainer (coordinator in training) and a Yoga teacher. The WBF way I learned from Glenn Fleisch and feel very connect to it. In Israel My partner and I developed a method of Focusing Oriented Breathwork Therapy (FOBT). And in the last 2 years I integrate focusing in school (teachers&pupils).
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FOCUSING meets HAPA (HEALTH ACTION PROCESS APPROACH) Eveline Moor Züllig Workshop Linnett Room
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Changing health behavior - yes, but how? We all of us know about good intentions. It is also well-known that they often fail or peter out. The workshop is about why the sustainability of behaviour change towards a healthier lifestyle is so hard to realize. The workshop will show how theoretic knowledge concerning a certain objective may be realized and become useful in practice. For this purpose cognitive, emotive and subjective experiencing are made accessible.
Eveline Moor Züllig Biography
MAS Prevention and Health Promotion/Lucerne University. Person-centred process counsellor SGfK. Focusing Trainer and Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute NY. Active in focusing training and further education since 1995. Practice, seminars and focusing school in the southern part of Switzerland and in Zurich. Professional emphasis: Health promotion, Burnoutprophylaxis, Empowerment.
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Practicing one’s way into A Process Model Donata Schoeller Workshop Teaching Room 7
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A Process Model is like a mountain from which you see the world newly. However, the ways to get ‚on top of it’ do not seem inviting, but ‚steep’ and dry. In my work I have discovered experimental and almost playful ‚ways in’, which offer themselves especially to Focusers. With simple excercises we will try to engage the ‚process’ to understand the ‚model’! A dialogue with the book starts, which is philosophically and existentially rich.
Donata Schoeller Biography
Donata Schoeller is a philosopher, who is teaching at universities in Switzerland and in Chicago. She is author of several books in philosophy and Focusing Trainer. She has translated A Process Model together with Christiane Geiser. She has 3 daughters and lives in Zurich.
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Focusing and The Way of Council Fiona Parr Workshop Teaching Room 6
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The Way of Council is a community-building form of listening and sharing. By listening to each other in a held, respectful way, the collective wisdom of the group emerges. The topic to start us off is 'the broader context.' Come and explore what it means to be human at this time in our history, and allow yourself to be surprised.
Fiona Parr Biography
I am passionately committed to Focusing and I feel privileged to be able to facilitate people unfolding to their inner wisdom, as well as my own. I teach small groups in Devon UK, and internationally by Skype, and I have a private practice and offer professional training.
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Overcoming childhood emotional and behavioural disorders with Focusing play therapy Gabriella Fülöp Presentation Teaching Room B
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In this presentation, I will talk about my doctoral research, which investigates the effects of Focusing in childhood emotional and behavioural disorders in a group of schoolchildren in Finland. The intended setting is an after-school club environment with a group of between 5 and 7 schoolchildren aged 8 to 10 with specific emotional and behavioural disorders, where Children Focusing is experienced in a weekly one hour long activity programme of play therapy during a school year.
Gabriella Fülöp Biography
Gabriella is from Helsinki, Finland. She has a background in psychology, with a master’s degree in social psychological research. She is currently doing a PhD in educational psychology. For her, Focusing is a way of living.
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What's in a name Harriet Teeuw Workshop Teaching Room 5
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Say out loud our own name(s) or hearing someone else pronouncing our name, immediately gives a felt sense. In this workshop I will offer exercises, I also use in my work as an art therapist with children and adults who don’t know about focusing yet. We will experience and explore how connecting with our own name, launches the connection with the inner self and an inner knowing of who we are in essence.
Harriet Teeuw Biography
Harriet has a working practice as a Focusing Oriented Art Therapist. She first learned about Focusing from 2000 and has worked as a Focusing trainer since 2005 specializing in teaching parents, teachers & therapists Children Focusing. She is currently a Children Focusing coordinator in training, mentored by Marta Stapert.
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Radical Therapy: Implications and Questions about the assumptions & politics of FOT Greg Madison
Lynn Preston
Workshop Auditorium Lounge
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This is an open panel discussion to explore the radical edge of FOT practice. Can FOT model a form of 'inner democracy'? Is there anything in the assumptions of some FOT practices, or in the underlying philosophy, that we question or that maintain the 'conventional status quo'? This workshop will start with a brief dialogue between Lynn & Greg, followed by: discussion, listing of themes, and then smaller groups to felt sense into specific radical edges of FOT practice.
Greg Madison Biography
Greg learned Focusing in 1981 while studying psychology in Canada. He is a chartered psychologist, registered existential psychotherapist and FI coordinator. Increasingly Greg has been offering Focusing to activist and democratic change groups and exploring the political potential of Focusing and FOT. Lynn Preston Biography
Lynn is a relational psychoanalyst from New York. She has been well-known in the Focusing and therapy world for a very long time and she maintains a close thinking and feeling relationship with Gene Gendlin. Lynn offers training and supervision in relational FOT and writes extensively on this model.
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A Focusing Approach to Positive Psychology Joan Klagsbrun Workshop Teaching Room A
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There is convincing research that by placing attention on positive experiences and feelings (such as gratitude and enjoyment), we can think more effectively and expansively. People who have a higher ratio of "positivity" to "negativity" have more energy and better health. In this workshop, we will explore how Focusing can be used to enhance and deepen "positivity." We will reflect on the five pathways to wellbeing, and will conclude by evoking our signature strengths.
Joan Klagsbrun Biography
Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D. a longtime coordinator and psychologist in private practice, has been teaching Focusing internationally for 3 decades. She is also on the Faculty of Lesley University as an adjunct professor and trains therapists in F.O.T. She integrates her interests in spirituality, health and positive psychology.
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Detecting Camouflage: Focusing techniques for close discernment Marcella Calabi Workshop Garden Room
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Beliefs can limit us, while core values sustain us. Sometimes what we think is a life-forward-motivating goal is actually only a distracting strategy. Gendlin wrote “You need not believe, agree with, or do what the felt sense just now says…” yet there are times when that would be wise. How to tell which is which? Particular techniques and uses of Focusing can help us see differences that are as difficult to perceive as excellent camouflage.
Marcella Calabi Biography
Marcella Calabi helps people find their voice and live from it. An outside-the-box thinker with training in music, negotiation/mediation, teaching/guiding, Focusing (CFP). Inspired by several meanings of voice: physical voice and the self it expresses, voice of personhood manifested in word and action, and inner voices accessed with Focusing.
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Wholebody Focusing and Biologic Descodification Mónica Gómez Galaz Workshop Seminar Room
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Every physical symptom is showing the solution that the body takes to create balance in the body again. The pain provides the key to the cure of the physical disease as well as resolution of the emotional imbalance that created it. Base on the theories of Ryke Gerd Hamer Please feel free to bring your symptom so we can create space and explore it together. "My body is always working toward optimum health"
Mónica Gómez Galaz Biography
Monica Gomez Galaz Certified Focusing Coordinator and founder of Focusing Institute Mexico. I worked on the finance for 15 years before deciding to pause, listen to what was implicit in me, and change paths to become a Personal Coach and Focusing Trainer I am curious, dreamer, never ending life student.
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Think different: Focusing for thinking, communicating, expressing (TAE) Nada Lou Workshop Junior Common Room (JCR)
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Focusing for THINKING opens a whole new awareness of your hidden gifts. What comes in Focusing can remain unused because it hasn't been put into right language. Using TAE gives you that what is missing towards just-right action steps. I call it discovering your BIGGER PICTURE Participants will be finding their own topic to explore. It is something that has that felt sense of "having life" in it.This is what is creative about TAE.
Nada Lou Biography
Nada Lou is well known throughout the Focusing world through her specialty in teaching Focusing and Thinking at the Edge. She co-presented TAE workshops with Dr. Gendlin and is in the forefront of spreading this practice around the world. Nada is a Focusing Institute Coordinator and DVD producer.
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Mandalas: an example of Experiential Arts Therapy Tine Swyngedouw Workshop Games Room
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I crossed focusing and creativity and named this Experiential Arts Therapy. It has three building blocks. First, change happens in the inner relationship of the client being with his Felt Sense. Second, the necessary steps for change to happen are PEAS: Pausing, Experiencing, Acknowledging and Symbolizing. Third, it comes in many forms: working experientially with mandalas is an example of this. With thanks to Lucy Bowers for this exercise. Please bring your pencils.
Tine Swyngedouw Biography
Tine Swyngedouw is a focusing trainer and focusing coordinator for adults and children who offers workshops in focusing (Inner Relationship Focusing, Creativity, Writing), and training to become a focusing trainer or therapist. She is a psychologist and experiential psychotherapist. Tine serves as the chair of Focusing Flanders.
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