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Thursday afternoon 2.30pm
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Frequently overlooked principles of Experiencing and how they can enhance your practice Akira Ikemi Workshop Garden Room
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Aspects of Gendlin’s philosophy will be demonstrated experientially. Elaborating on re-experiencing (Nacherleben), crossing, and the “carried forward was”, I hope to show how meaning, which includes the implicit, the past, the unconscious and the self are created in an interpersonal reality. Carl Rogers’ update on empathy, often neglected, will also be discussed. After a focusing demonstration where one can “see” these concepts in operation, participants will pair up for a focusing exchange.
Akira Ikemi Biography
Professor Akira Ikemi, Ph.D., Kansai University Graduate School of Psychology. A former student of Gendlin at the University of Chicago, a former board member of TFI and former president of the Japan Focusing Association. Currently serving as ILC. Practices at a medical institution and trains privately.
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How I Teach Focusing: Discovering the gift of our inner wisdom Bebe Simon Presentation Auditorium Lounge
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Bebe Simon first learned Focusing from Eugene Gendlin in the 1980s, and was soon asked by him to assist in teaching workshops. She quickly became one of the more innovative teachers of this work, guided by her deep intuitive skill in accompanying others in their Focusing and informed by the many original discoveries that she made along the way.
Bebe Simon Biography
Bebe Simon first learned Focusing from Eugene Gendlin in the 1980s.
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Deepening Somatic Presence - how relaxing (Reichian) armouring bands aids the process Clare Myatt Workshop Games Room
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If you’re curious about the role of the body in the process of becoming deeply present for focusing, this experiential workshop provides an opportunity to explore how we hold our bodies, and what difference that makes. Noticing the armouring bands first codified by Wilhelm Reich (developed by Alexander Lowen, Moshe Feldenkrais, F. M. Alexander and others) we will experiment altogether and in pairs. Come with a curious mind and comfortable clothing for some gentle movement.
Clare Myatt Biography
Clare Myatt was Strozzi Institute’s first Master Somatic Coach in the UK in 2005, previously licensed in California as a psychotherapist. She now practices as a therapeutic-coach, specialising in trauma and addiction, and teaching other clinicians “how” to be deeply present for their clients, drawing on her Focusing training.
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Criss-Cross Crossing Evelyn Pross Workshop Teaching Room 4
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Crossing of concepts, patterns and fields are fascinating steps in TAE (Thinking at the Edge). However, crossing is too precious to be limited to TAE. In the workshop, you will learn the basic “mechanisms” of crossing and how to use crossing in a focusing session, e.g. for solving a dilemma. A circuit training parkour will offer (im)possibilities to exercise crossing. You can expect many surprises, new insights and a lot of fun.
Evelyn Pross Biography
TAE-coordinator in training, focusing-trainer (TFI), person-centered counselor (DFG); master of organizational psychology. International TAE seminars, trainings, coachings; TAE trainer at DAF; Self-employed as coach, counselor and trainer facilitating innovation, professional and personal growth, after being a material scientist for 20 years.
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Teaching Focusing without the Six Movements! Bilha Frolinger
Atsmaout Perlstein
Workshop Teaching Room A
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In the past 20 years of teaching focusing to non-professionals we have encountered a significant population that has been most eager to learn and apply new methods to manage their stressors and increase their well-being on a daily basis. We were challenged with developing an approach that spreads focusing principles without the six movements. Since, this approach has yielded amazing results we decided to present it. We are delighted to share our experiences with the personnel of nursery schools, corporations, municipals and hospitals. Participants will experience few of our exercises in this approach.
Bilha Frolinger Biography
Bilha is a psychotherapist, active in the Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War. Focusing coordinator in the Israeli Focusing Center. Bilha is working with adults and children. Teaching teachers especially teachers of children with special needs. Atsmaout Perlstein Biography
Atsmaout Perlstein (Ph.D.), is a coordinator and a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and complex trauma. Together they are the co-founders of the Israeli Focusing Center which have been involved in the professional development of educational psychologists on a national level, providing organizational work with municipalities and much more.
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The International Women’s Inner Voice Project Helene Brenner Workshop Music Room
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Join Helene Brenner, Focusing-oriented therapist and author of I Know I’m in There Somewhere: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity, for this most unique workshop, as we share with each other the inner experience of being a woman in the country and culture we call our own. We’ll explore our enormous strengths and the subtle ways we diminish ourselves, the inner and outer forces that pull upon us, and how we ourselves have changed through our lifetimes.  In this creative, multi-dimensional workshop, we will travel through the labyrinth of our inner experiences and hear, discover and learn from one another the inner nature of being women, across our varying countries, in our present moment of time.
Helene Brenner Biography
For 25 years, Helene Brenner has been a Focusing trainer and Focusing-oriented psychologist in private practice. Author of I Know I’m in There Somewhere, Helene has spent her career helping women find their inner voice. Recently she has become passionate about the incredible potential of women to collectively join their “inner voices” together to reach across barriers and transform our planet.
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Focusing as a sacred bridge to our innate sense of wholeness Ifat Eckstein Workshop Teaching Room 7
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Is there a source within us that we can connect to, enabling us to heal our wounds, to grow and go beyond? Can focusing be a sacred bridge to our innate sense of wholeness, helping us to feel more connected to ourselves and to a greater whole? In this workshop, we will mindfully and experientially explore the various parts that block us from feeling our deep wholeness. Through the felt sense, we will practice connection to this state of being and recognize the flexibility we have within us to expand and feel more complete.
Ifat Eckstein Biography
Ifat Eckstein, M.S.W. Therapist and Supervisor of Couple & Family Therapy. Focusing coordinator and trainer, working with individuals, couples and groups. In her practice, Ifat is interested in the interface between spiritual dimensions and FOT. Co-Director of 'Focusing – when body, soul, mind and spirit meet – a home for learning development and training'.
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Dancing with Fire: Focusing as a Path Toward Connecting More Deeply John Amodeo Workshop Umney Lecture Theatre
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Drawing upon John’s book, Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships, we’ll explore how honoring and skillfully engaging with the challenging emotions and sacred longings that relationships evoke allows us to resolve conflicts and connect more deeply. Integrating mindfulness, Buddhism, and attachment theory, we’ll explore how Focusing opens us to a deeper intimacy with ourselves and others. Through scripted role plays, John will also demonstrate how Focusing can be applied to couples therapy.
John Amodeo Biography
John Amodeo. Ph.D., has been a marriage and family therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirty-five years. His books include Dancing with Fire, The Authentic Heart, and Love & Betrayal. A former writer and contributing editor for Yoga Journal, he conducts workshops internationally on relationships and couples therapy.
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Discovering Life Stories with Focusing Julian A. Miller Workshop Seminar Room
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Focusing is a creative process – moving us towards what is surprising and revelatory. This workshop will explore how our own freshly recollected and Focusing can cross synergistically. We will begin with simple prompts and 10-minute writing exercises to find stories, fragments, and felt senses. You may unearth stories that will surprise and affirm who you are. In sharing these stories we will no doubt move, delight, connect to, and inspire each other.
Julian A. Miller Biography
Julian Miller has been a writer for 45 years and a Focuser for 35. He celebrates the synergy of these two practices. His current passion is poetry and memoir writing. He is the author of Breaking Through and Symptoms. His poetry book, I Should Praise, will be published this Fall.
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crossing focusing and sexuality Kati Kimchi Workshop Teaching Room 6
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*Why focusing never crossed with sexual therapy? *How come pelvis FS appear so rarely in the natural flow of focusing process? *What do we need to know as facilitators when our partner/patient is in touch with sexual issues? These questions and more led me to explore the crossing between focusing and sexuality. In the workshop we will be with those questions, and feel the relationship between focusing and our own sexual world.
Kati Kimchi Biography
Focusing coordinator. works individually with men, women and couples in the realm of sexuality. Developed a depth workshops which give focusing students the option to be in touch with their own sexual issues, and teaching focusing practitioner how to hold this field.
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Real conversation: Focusing and the powerful potential of focusing dialogue Lynn Preston Workshop Teaching Room 5
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We have all had the experience of conversations that go somewhere. They have a life of their own and bring us alive. What are the ingredients of these powerful conversations? How can we be truly ourselves and at the same time be attuned to the other as well as the interaction? How can we stay open to the conversation when the going gets rough? How is focusing a basis for real conversation?
Lynn Preston Biography
Lynn Preston, MA, MS, LP, is a focusing-oriented relational psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. She has written and presented nationally and internationally on the relational dimension of focusing orient psychotherapy. She has an abiding commitment to genuine conversation and the promotion of community building. She is a graduate of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, a faculty member at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) and the founding Director of the Experiential Psychotherapy Project (EPP), all in New York City.
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Distinguishing Felt-Sense Formation as a KIND of Process in Gendlin’s Philosophy Neil Dunaetz Workshop Teaching room B
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Chapter VIII of Gendlin’s Process Model discusses felt sense formation as a KIND of living process. Focusing is seen as the early development of this new KIND. In this workshop we will work conceptually and experientially toward “VIII” as an immediately-functional distinction, with power not only to further the practice and theory of Focusing, but also to develop further kinds of carrying forward of this wider VIII KIND.
Neil Dunaetz Biography
Neil Dunaetz is a student and teacher of Gendlin’s Process Model, a certified Focusing trainer, an intermittent farmer and social activist, and Faux Pa to two beautiful girls. He has guided several groups through complete readings of the PM text. He lives now in southern Arizona, U.S.
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Listening Our Shared World into Being Pat Omidian
Nina Joy Lawrence
Workshop Linnett Room
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In this interactive and collaborative workshop, we explore various ways empathic listening can be used to support group shifts in a community context. We call this "Empathic Inquiry." We draw on participants' lived knowledge to shape the workshop. We share stories to illustrate how we combine and adapt elements from experiential listening, Dynamic Facilitation, Focusing, and other practices. Then, together we engage in an experience of group listening and reflection, and harvest our learnings afterwards.
Pat Omidian Biography
Dr. Pat Omidian has over thirty years experience in community wellness program design, and 15 years as a Focusing trainer. Her latest work was with the WHO in Liberia (2014 and 2015) as a mental health and psychosocial specialist. She has also worked as a consultant for UNICEF, the World Food Program, UNWomen, UNAIDS, Save the Children and The IRC. In 2014 Melinda Darer and Pat opened Focusing Initiatives International to promote positive emotional and social resilience globally. Nina Joy Lawrence Biography
Nina Joy is a Certifying Coordinator whose main delight is in Community Wellness Focusing. She is interested in making Focusing accessible so the skills and attitudes can easily go home and into the daily life of the new learner from the first day onward, and spread out into the community. Participants enjoy experiencing Nina practicing what she is teaching.
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Focusing with Works of Art (At The Fitzwilliam Museum) Rob Foxcroft Workshop Sign up at reception
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We'll meet at the Fitzwilliam Museum to see beautiful images from China, Italy, France, England and The Netherlands. We will find our felt senses of two skies, two trees, two men, two rather alarming women and two fabulous animals. We'll have time for free-and-easy wandering, for listening-and-focusing. Afterwards, we’ll sit in the garden at Robinson College to write short poetic responses to the images and to share our words and feelings. For a preview, please email:
Rob Foxcroft Biography
I studied Music at Cambridge University. I teach piano-playing, singing and composition. I write poems and essays. I like to be in the hills, by the sea, or quietly at home with my family. In March 1988 I went to Chicago to learn focusing-and-listening from Gene Gendlin.
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Expanding my Client’s Experience of Self inside of the Wholebody Space of Grounded Presence: Carrying Forward Stage VIII of Gene’s Process Model Sarah Sacks
Karen Whalen
Workshop Junior Common Room (JCR)
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Sarah and Karen will invite you to explore an expanded experience of Self, of Me Here, as a person, in connection to the five body spaces of Grounded Presence Wholebody listening, resonance, and attunement offer doorways of awareness to the Focuser or Client, bringing them into a more coherent and embodied experience of self, leading towards to self transcendence and healing.
Sarah Sacks Biography
Sarah is a Wholebody Focusing oriented therapist, meditation teacher and group facilitator. Based in Australia, Sarah has worked in the not-for-profit sector, the community health sector and privately, as a generalist counsellor and group facilitator, with children, families and adults. Sarah holds a B.Business, B.Counselling, Dip. Counselling & Dip.Arts. Karen Whalen Biography
Karen Whalen, Ph.D., is a clinical psychotherapist specializing in Complex Trauma in Canada and a Certifying Coordinator of The Focusing Institute in New York. She integrates energetic models of healing and consciousness (Qi-Gong, Polarity Therapy) with the practice of Wholebody Focusing.
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